Crevis ST-3214


Analoges 4-Kanal-Eingangsmodul
Eingangsauflösung: 12 Bit
Eingangsstrom: 4-20 mA



Input Spezifikation
Number of Inputs 4 Channels Single Ended, Non-isolated Between Channels
Indicators 4 Green/Red States, 1 Green/Red Fn-Bus State
Resolution in Ranges 12Bits : 3.9uA/Bit
Input current Range 4~20mA
Data Format 16bits Integer (2’s compliment)
Module Error ±0.1% Full Scale @25℃
±0.3% Full Scale @0℃, 60℃
Input Impedance 120Ω
Conversion Time 4msec/All channel
Calibration Not Required
Diagnostic Channel Open (if<3mA, Data=0x8000)
Common Type 4 Channels / 2COM (Single Common)
Allgemeine Eigenschaften
Power Supply From System Power DC/DC
Power Dissipation Max. 165mA@5.0Vdc
Isolation I/O to Logic : Photocoupler Isolation
Field Power : Not Connected
Wiring I/O Cable Max. 2.0㎟
Weight 70g
Module Size 12mm x 99mm x 70mm
Pin Nr. Beschreibung
0 Input Channel 0
1 Input Channel 1
2 Input Channel 2
3 Input Channel 3
4 Input Channel Common (0V)
5 Input Channel Common (0V)
6 Chassis Ground / Shield
7 Chassis Ground / Shield


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