The JSON-LD App allows for the first time ever to generate semantically annotated sensor data directly from the industrial control cabinet. The data is described on the basis of the “Semantic Sensor Network Ontology” and can be queried or actively pushed by the app-box via HTTP. This makes your data even easier to integrate into business processes and the semantics of Web.

Convincing semantics

The advantages of semantic annotations and the new JSON-LD App are obvious:

  • Sensor and machine data provide their meaning and unit of measurement with the measurement data from the source
  • The data can immediately be passed on, visualized or evaluated in semantic systems and databases without the coordination of data models or programming
  • The semantic annotations matched to the shopfloor can easily be configured without prior knowledge, and are then available in the JSON-LD format

Available NOW!

The JSON-LD App is now available free of charge in the App-Store. The new OUT-App can be installed as every other App from the App-Store.

Note: This app was developed within the scope of the project “ScaleIT – Industrie 4.0 für den Mittelstand” funded by the german Government (BMBF) and serves as a reference for the use of ontologies on the shopfloor.

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