The new Google Spreadsheet App sends measurement data directly to a Google Spreadsheet. The measurement data can be easily analyzed or shared to website, visualization or the like.The Google Spreadsheet usage is free but requires initial login to ceate the spreadsheet. How the registration process is performed under security considerations is explained in the held section of the App.
The measurement values are written to Google Spreadsheet using a ring buffer with up to 100.000 measurment values. The ring buffer appends data until it is full and then begins to replace the oldest values. Thus visualization and other applications can always read the latest values in a defines table range.

Applications for the  Google Spreadsheet App

The App can be used in mans scenarions. For example:

  • to save measurement vaues with historical values
  • to analyze measurement data
  • to visualize data,
  • to make measurement data accessible via API for public web servcies or
  • to integrate measurment data into websites.

Of course the measurment data can be downloaded in several file formats as .docx or .csv. In order to integrate measurment data in a website Google Spreadshee API can be used. There is plenty of documentation available and many samples. The measurement data can be accessed through the API by a PC software client, a website or any other API client.

To visualize measurment data on a website we recommend to use Google Charts. It is straight and easy to draw awesome charts to visualize the Google Spreadsheet data without deep programming know how. Build nice looking charts in a few minutes of your website – optimized for any display and device, More information on Google Charts is available here. We will write a blog post on how to build charts on a website later.

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