Crevis ST-3808


Analog Input 8 Channels, Thermocouple

Including 20-pole flat-ribbon cable, 2m



Input Specification
Number of Inputs 8 Channels
Indicators 1 Green/Red LED, Module Status
8 Green LED, Input State
1 Green LED,E, Cold Junction
Sensor Types Thermocouple Input
– Type K/J/T/B/R/S/E/N/L/U/C/D
mV Input
– 10uV/bit, 1uV/bit, 2uV/bit
Cold Junction Temperature -20~70℃
Cold Junction
Compensation Method
External “PT100 Sensor (recommended) or Internal Temperature Sensor
* Auto Detection if External PT100 (high priority) is Connected
Conversion Time 30msec/1Channel when Normal Conversion
Data Format 16bits Integer (2’s compliment)
Resolution of Data ±0.1℃/F, 10mΩ
Module Accuracy ±0.3% Full Scale @25℃
±0.5% Full Scale @0℃, 60℃
Calibration Not Required
Diagnostic Sensor Open or Range Over,
then Conversion Data=0x8000(-32768)
Common Type 1 Common / 1 Input
General Specification
System Power Dissipation Max. 140mA@5.0Vdc
Isolation I/O to Control Logic : Photocoupler Isolation
Field power Not used, Field Power by pass to next expansion module
Wiring Connector Type, up to AWG22
Module Connector : HIF3BA-20D-2.54DSA
Weight 70g
Module Size 12mm x 99mm x 70mm
Pin No. Description
1 TC Ch#0+
2 TC Ch#0-
3 TC Ch#1+
4 TC Ch#1-
5 TC Ch#2+
6 TC Ch#2-
7 TC Ch#3+
8 TC Ch#3-
11 TC Ch#4+
12 TC Ch#4-
13 TC Ch#5+
14 TC Ch#5-
15 TC Ch#6+
16 TC Ch#6-
17 TC Ch#7+
18 TC Ch#7-
19 External PT100
20 External PT100


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